The rate at which you obtain and interpret patient medical images directly influences service speed and patient outcomes. The right teleradiology solutions can help you scale your operations, allowing for easier and quicker data retrieval and diagnosis. Candelis ImageGrid™ PACS solutions help you view, store and share images seamlessly with confidence, leaving more time for productivity and healthcare.

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The Candelis Solution

Learn how our technologies can optimize your radiology workflow and storage requirements.

Simple Setup for Optimized Workflow

ImageGrid integrates seamlessly with your existing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and workflow for a simple setup that won't result in lagtime. The PACS software is a feature-rich powerhouse with a suite of teleradiology solutions to help you manage your operations more effectively. This state-of-the-art teleradiology hardware is self-managing, providing automated reporting that can further streamline operations.

Seamless Integration to Read Patient Images Faster

Optimize your workflow and deliver more to your patients with fully integrated teleradiology software from beginning to end. You can significantly increase your reporting rate by collecting images and viewing them right at your workstation:

  1. Gather data from any imaging modality.
  2. Save the images for storage safely on the ImageGrid.
  3. The system routes prior and current images.
  4. You view the patient images on your workstation.

Tools for Efficient Operations to Improve Patient Outcomes

The best teleradiology software keeps efficiency and operations in mind, focusing on staff productivity to deliver superior patient and family outcomes. Optimize the reading of radiology images for better diagnosis and more accurate referrals. You get access to several efficiency tools that put your patients first:

  • Image viewing: Zoom, rotate and pan options
  • Magnification: Magnification glass for accurate readings
  • Measuring: Tools that measure accurately to prevent lag time and repeat image examinations
  • Synchronization: Zoom synchronization for accuracy 
  • 3D markers: Label spine images with 3D markers 
  • Multi-image support: Elevate your efficiency and improve the patient experience with five-monitor viewing

Easily Share Images Across Facilities

Increase your workflow and share images ethically and securely with Candelis' ImageGrid PACS. Whether in the office or working from another location, you can offer your diagnostic reading services to any facility from anywhere and at any time. 

This solution is ideal for an organization with a multi-location or multi-operation setup — any location with an internet connection can perform diagnostic readings. Referring physicians can improve patient waiting time and diagnosis with ASTRA™ Cloud integration, providing secure storage and discreet viewing.

One Robust Solution for Cost-Effective Management 

An efficient, streamlined image-sharing system allows you to focus on patient care, minimizing frustration with outdated PACS architecture and optimizing workplace efficiency. Facilities often grapple with receiving images from multiple destinations and must be able to store and view these in a simplified, efficient system. 

With ImageGrid, community hospitals, image centers and large hospitals can gather patient data accurately and swiftly. ImageGrid facilitates the consolidation of all patient imagery from all departments into one simplified yet robust system. 

Protect vital data and store your images securely with our ASTRA™ Cloud. The cloud allows you to store, restore, back up, archive, retrieve and share images in a robust security system.

Focus on Patient Care With Candelis

We at Candelis provide innovative solutions to optimize medical data management across multi-modalities, locations and operations. Our teleradiology solutions improve and streamline the medical reading of patient images. You can scale our image management solutions with your business, storing, viewing and sharing your data as a small image center or a larger hospital.

Manage your workflow more effectively and increase practice services with our ImageGrid PACS solutions. For more information, fill out our online form to get in touch with us today. You can also book a free demo and explore how our solutions can service your facility best. 


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