Computed Tomography (CT)

Candelis ImageGrid™ innovative solutions continue advancing the exam processes by providing software that facilitates convenient and timely access of CT images as well as exceptional storage capabilities. ImageGrid allows facilities to digitize, automate and streamline CT workflows for improved quality of care and efficiency. 

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In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, utilizing robust image management software, such as ImageGrid, is crucial for managing the increasing demands and complexities of CT scans. ImageGrid transforms the way CT images are viewed, stored and shared and can support large data volumes. Our solutions provide facilities with the necessary tools for delivering efficient, accurate, patient-centered care. 


The ImageGrid DICOM CT viewer enhances accessibility to high-quality images, providing radiologists with excellent CT scan viewing capabilities for more precise readings and diagnosis. The FDA 510(k) cleared and web-enabled CT image viewer can be accessed locally or remotely across several locations. This CT file viewer is equipped with various functions, such as:

  • Pan, rotate, mirror, and zoom
  • Measurement tools
  • Reference (scout) lines
  • Zoom synchronization
  • Series Linking
  • Maximum intensity projection (MIP)
  • Multi-planar reconstructions (MPR) 
  • 3D cursor 
  • Highly customizable rule-based hanging protocols

CT PACS System

ImageGrid provides high-performance PACS servers that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. The solution enables secure CT image storage and access from a single platform. Radiologists can quickly assess CT images and retrieve past files to monitor a patient's journey, resulting in faster assessments. The deep archiving capabilities of our CT PACS systems promote consistency between current and past patient studies for an overall enhanced delivery of care. 

Here are some of the image management features of our CT PACS systems:

  • Patient merge, split or linking capability
  • Anonymization
  • Quality control
  • Import via CD/DVD


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CT Image Storage With Cloud Backup

Candelis ASTRA™ Cloud enables radiologists to store and backup CT images in a secure HIPAA-compliant platform. The software provides maximum protection and allows for data to be downloaded when needed for disaster recovery efforts. 

This cost-effective cloud-based solution lets you share images with external users in remote locations. Healthcare professionals can share and access visualization reports and images using a zero-footprint interface known as ASTRA Lite or on the ASTRA Mobile application through mobile devices. 

Fully Integrated CT Workflow Solution

ImageGrid workflow solutions optimize CT image storage, analysis and sharing, ultimately speeding up processes and increasing productivity. The advanced software eliminates the need to shift between systems and physical handling, which can all be time-consuming and complex. ImageGrid by Candelis provides a uniform approach to CT workflows that streamlines operations across different locations. 

Efficiency Tools

Candelis offers comprehensive solutions built with outstanding capabilities for meeting CT speed, security and data volume needs while optimizing workflow efficiency. ImageGrid's efficiency tools include the following:

  • Seamless integration with RIS, HIS, EMR and PACS systems
  • Handling of hundreds of millions of images
  • Automated image distributions to referring physicians
  • Secure sharing of complete studies
  • Scalable storage options
  • DICOM Tag Morphing tools

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