ASTRA™ Cloud Backup & Archiving

The best backup, archive, and disaster recovery solution for all your patient images and reports. ASTRA™ Cloud offers a simple, secure, cost effective, and scalable alternative for traditional solutions.

No need to change your existing PACS or add expensive storage. Eliminate IT maintenance headaches and reduce ongoing IT costs.

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Automated Backup

ASTRA Cloud is HIPAA-compliant and automatically stays up to date with the latest Candelis cloud storage software. The cloud solution provides both maximum efficiency and maximum protection. The most up-to-date patient data is always available for image review wherever you are.


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Hassle-Free Disaster Recovery

Affordable and efficient Disaster Recovery services provide turnkey protection of your entire system. Data backed up to ASTRA™ Cloud can be downloaded on demand. Rest easy knowing that you have a Disaster Recovery strategy already in place with proper automated backup.

Easy Archive

ASTRA Cloud provides easy backup and archive options. Store beyond your local on-premise system by choosing Backup that mirrors data on premise or Archive to store additional data and retrieve whenever needed.

Fail-Safe System

ASTRA Cloud Fail-Safe is a core feature designed to minimize the impact of primary PACS server failure on imaging operation. It is a high availability solution, that provides a fast, easy, and accurate way to automatically failover to a replica PACS server. If your primary PACS system fails, a secondary system can be quickly operational subsequent to a restore from ASTRA Cloud.


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