The need for rapid and efficient patient care has become prominent in various radiology processes, and X-ray imaging is no exception. ImageGrid™ provides image management solutions designed to optimize X-ray procedures through secure and effective data retrieval, storage and sharing. Our solutions can help scale operations while ensuring workflow efficiency at every stage. 

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As one of the most widely utilized imaging tools, X-rays play a vital role in medical diagnostics. As such, radiology departments often face significant challenges, from managing large volumes of data to ensuring diagnostics accuracy. Candelis is committed to providing robust imaging software solutions to address those demands, ultimately improving workflow efficiency and increasing patient throughput. 

ImageGrid is perfectly suited to enhance various processes for managing, analyzing and distributing X-ray images. Our innovative solutions can act as a uniform platform, allowing you to fully integrate and optimize your operations.

DICOM X-Ray Viewer

ImageView™ provides feature-rich visualization tools that enable radiologists to view and process extensive amounts of imaging data. The FDA 510(k) cleared X-ray image viewer produces high-resolution studies that can be zoomed and manipulated to support more accurate interpretations. The X-ray viewer can be accessed securely from any local workstation or between locations. 

Here are some of the DICOM X-ray viewer capabilities that contribute to improved diagnosis accuracy and workflows:

  • Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom
  • Measurement tools
  • Magnification glass
  • Zoom synchronization
  • Cine tool with adjustable speed
  • Series linking

X-Ray PACS System

ImageGrid PACS system for X-ray machines offers outstanding archiving capabilities with a storage capacity that ranges from 1 to hundreds of terabytes. Radiologists can store hundreds of millions of imaging data on the PACS server and have complete access to it when needed. The server can integrate with other automated systems, from HIS to EHR, facilitating seamless and effective data sharing.


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X-Ray Storage With Cloud Backup

Candelis ASTRA™ Cloud is an innovative cloud-based DICOM X-ray file storage and backup solution. The HIPAA-compliant solution provides automated backup of digital X-ray images, which can be easily viewed and retrieved when necessary. With disaster recovery capabilities, the solution can help minimize data loss and downtime in the event of an outage. 

In addition, ASTRA Cloud allows easy access and sharing of imaging data through various channels, such as web-based interfaces or mobile applications. Radiologists can collaborate with other physicians or specialists in different locations, which can help speed up processes. 

Fully Integrated Workflow

ImageGrid encompasses a suite of solutions that cover a range of processes to streamline workflows. From image acquisition to storage, our image management software revolutionizes X-ray operations. ImageGrid provides quick access to a large volume of imaging data, improves diagnosis accuracy and enhances collaboration across different locations. Incorporating these solutions into your X-ray processes can help optimize workflow efficiency and improve patient outcomes. 

Efficiency Tools

Our solutions can increase efficiency while helping radiologists provide quality care. Some of ImageGrid's efficiency tools include:

  • Measuring tools 
  • Zoom synchronization for accuracy
  • Scalable cloud storage
  • Seamless integrations
  • Web-based system administration, dashboard and operator interface
  • Fast and secure transfer of complete studies

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