ASTRA™ Cloud Overview

Candelis’s ASTRA is a next-generation cloud service that provides a wide range of robust capabilities designed to complement ImageGrid and Candelis’s other software products. ASTRA meets your need for speed - and security and scalability - while eliminating the typical up-front investment costs that siphon resources from more strategic business areas.

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ASTRA Cloud by Candelis

Learn about ASTRA Cloud's visualization tools, seamless collaboration, backup and disaster recovery, and security features.


  • Store DICOM data in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Backup/Restore, Archive/Retrieve, and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Seamless, secure sharing of complete studies
  • Automated distribution of study imagery, reports, and key images to referring physicians
  • Visualization of reports and key images using ASTRA Lite, a zero foot-print interface, or ASTRA Mobile, an application for iPad and iPhone
  • Ability to perform inbound patient scheduling for referring physicians
  • Monitoring and reporting on the ImageGrid platform

Robust Security

The cornerstone of ASTRA Cloud is extremely robust security. Any object shared through ASTRA Cloud is heavily encrypted, using a proprietary combination of object-unique symmetric keys, coupled with asymmetric encryption. All communications occurs over SSL. Only the object’s original owner and the intended recipient possess the ability to decrypt it.


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Effortless Data Sharing

ASTRA Cloud allows users to securely share studies with external physicians and remote facilities. Complete studies can be shared in their original DICOM format with other ImageGrid systems or with ASTRA Plus clients. Study imagery and reports can be shared for visualization purposes to users who only need a thin client (ASTRA Lite) or mobile app (ASTRA Mobile). Any file can also be securely shared with ASTRA Plus.

Seamless Collaboration

Easily connect, compare, and collaborate with your referring physicians. Transfer imaging studies and reports from one facility to another using a single, universal platform without the need for a CD/DVD.


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Ultimate Data Protection

Automated backup, user-defined archiving term, and disaster recovery solution for all your patient images and reports. 

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Multiple Image & Report Viewing Options

Choose from a host of user-friendly clients - from thin (Zero Footprint) clients to iOS clients (Mobile Friendly) to Windows clients (Featureful Application).

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