Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

ImageGrid™ offers advanced software solutions that support the managing and sharing of studies with MRI images. Our feature-rich systems are designed to provide numerous capabilities to increase efficiency and improve service quality in facilities dealing with large data volumes. 

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The growing demand for diagnostic imaging has led to a significant increase in the MRI data volumes that radiologists manage on a daily basis. As a result, practical and efficient solutions are required to enhance MRI processes for improved image quality and better workflows.

ImageGrid™ helps streamline MRI exam workflows and seamlessly integrates various steps of the process, including image acquisition, viewing, routing and storage. The cost-effective solutions are scalable, providing the necessary capacity to meet the demands of growing facilities. 


The ImageGrid platform features an ImageView™ Advanced Radiology Viewer, which enables radiologists to view and study images such as MRI scans. The DICOM MRI viewer can also enhance image quality while providing 3D visualizations of scans for better insight into a patient's condition. 

With ImageView, multiple users can access MRI scans from local and remote workstations simultaneously, fostering real-time collaborations and faster processes. Some of the capabilities our MRI viewer offers include: 

  • Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom tools
  • Measurement tools
  • Customizable annotations for MRI
  • Cine tool with adjustable speed
  • Reference lines
  • Maximum intensity projection (MIP)
  • Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR)
  • 3D cursor tool 

MRI ImageGrid PACS Server

ImageGrid PACS server streamlines the storage and routing of MRI DICOM files, eliminating time-consuming procedures while ensuring enhanced security and archiving capabilities. With a storage capacity ranging from 1 terabyte to hundreds, our MRI PACS system provides a practical solution for the data volume challenges in this modality. In addition, the server can integrate with your current systems, including EMR, RIS, HIS and PACS.   


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Cloud-Based MRI Storage

ImageGrid offers a comprehensive MRI data storage, backup, archiving and disaster recovery solution with the ground-breaking cloud service — ASTRA™ Cloud. The cloud-based MRI storage solution works with ImageGrid systems and other Candelis image management software. 

Our ASTRA Cloud facilitates quick and effortless data sharing among healthcare professionals across different locations. The data can be shared for visualization purposes through ASTRA Plus, ASTRA Lite and ASTRA Mobile.

Fully Integrated Workflow

ImageGrid software connects tools, systems and processes to optimize the entire MRI image management pathway. The innovative solutions enable multi-location and multi-user MRI image storage, sharing and viewing. As a result, healthcare professionals can securely exchange valuable patient information and discuss diagnosis and treatment, which allows facilities to deliver high-quality care at faster report turnaround. 

Efficiency Tools

The ImageGrid system provides numerous features and capabilities designed to optimize MRI processes. Some of our efficiency tools include: 

  • Rule-based automated routing
  • Support for multiple monitors and users
  • Comprehensive web-based user interface for easy administration
  • Radiologist worklist synchronization
  • Support for image study sharing through email
  • Automated backup for hassle-free disaster recovery

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