Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis System

Candelis ImageGrid™ solutions optimize breast tomosynthesis and mammography systems for enhanced viewing and accurate diagnostics. Integrate our seamless breast tomosynthesis imaging system within your existing workflow for speedy reading of patient medical images for enhanced patient care. Our digital breast tomosynthesis and mammography system upholds quality while you tend to patients' needs.

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With the system's advanced tomosynthesis image storage capabilities, you can securely and confidently store and retrieve patient breast images for enhanced medical services that boost the patient experience. Ideal for small and large imaging centers and larger hospitals, ImageGrid solutions alleviate overtaxed central systems. The feature-rich tomosynthesis system is cost-effective and easy to set up, providing an economical, effective solution to healthcare facilities of all sizes.

ImageView™ Advanced Tomosynthesis and Mammography Viewer

FDA 510(k) Cleared and web-enabled diagnostic viewer tightly integrated with ImageGrid™ Image Management and Workflow Optimizations solutions. ImageView Advanced Mammography viewer is designed with the workflow features that are needed with mammography and tomosynthesis reading. Store and view patient images confidently and quickly, minimizing lag time and increasing productivity.


In addition to the features available with the General and Advanced Radiology Viewers, ImageView Advanced Mammography Viewer is designed with the additional workflow features that are needed with mammography and tomosynthesis reading:

  • Hologic, GE, Siemens, FujiFilm, Giotto, and Planmed mammography and tomosythesis image support
  • Support of diagnostic and screening workflows
  • Support for views with modifiers
  • Zoom presets
  • Sub-steps support within workflow
  • Automatic layout of unseen images
  • 3D stack navigation tool
  • MIP support
  • Flexible, configurable radiology worklist
  • Interrupted workflow (study park position)
  • Customizable prefetch of relevant priors

Tomosynthesis image support

Boost your breast tomosynthesis imaging system with state-of-the-art support tools that simplify your workflow for improving patient outcomes:

  • Cineloop tool with adjustable speed to view images in succession
  • 3D volume navigation tool
  • On-the-fly Maximum Intensity Projection creation

3D Breast Ultrasound Support

ImageView Advanced Breast Imaging Viewer supports the following features for 3D breast ultrasound:

  • Support for 3D breast ultrasound acquired by GE Invenia ABUS, Siemens Acuson ABVS, and Hitachi and iVU Sophia
  • On-the-fly 3D image reconstruction and viewing of coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes
  • Simultaneous identification of points of interest in multiple viewports displaying different anatomical planes
  • Dynamic rotation of the 3D breast ultrasound image around a chosen point of interest to inspect a region from various angles
  • Reporting of distance to nipple and clock position for points of interest
  • Series linking of multiple viewports for simultaneous image movement and scrolling

Enhanced Mammography Prefetch

The enhanced mammography prefetching tools further reduce the time required before studies can be read. The advanced features include:

  • Retrieval of prior studies from multiple PACS systems
  • Ensure consistency between current and prior patient studies
  • Delivery of prior studies to the workstation during non-peak hours
  • Caching exams on the workstation to minimizing fetching activities during reading
  • Pre-render prior exams resulting in quicker visualization of studies at time of reading
  • Delivery of both current and prior exams simultaneously to workstation along with notification of availability for reading
  • Ability to put an exam on hold pending availability of priors

Mammography hanging protocol support

The mammography and tomosynthesis hanging protocol support system features enhanced visualization tools for optimum digital mammography and tomosynthesis program management:

  • Support for views with modifiers
  • Invert, flip and rotate options in workflow
  • Zoom presets: show whole image, fit to viewport, full resolution and true size
  • Sub-steps within steps: Inversion, CAD and Quadrant Zoom
  • Customizable per-step prior support
  • Automatic layout of unseen images
  • Different image alignment options
  • Support for diagnostic and screening workflows

CAD Support for Mammography and Tomosynthesis

Mammography CAD support with customizable annotation display supporting iCAD, ScreenPoint, and R2 CAD for mammography and tomosynthesis.

Advanced Tomosynthesis and Mammography Imaging System 

The ImageView Advanced Mammography Viewer optimizes the storage and retrieval of mammography and tomosynthesis patient images. Streamline image management so you can focus on client care, boosting each individual's experience. To book your free demo, reach out to us today. You can also contact us online for more information.


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