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A breadth of innovative and cost-effective solutions that significantly increase practice efficiency and extend the quality of service provided to referring physicians and specialists.

Candelis brings world-class, innovative medical image management software to facilities that share patient images and collaborate across multiple locations, modalities and operations. Our ImageGrid™ DICOM and ImageGrid™ PACS provide optimized workflow solutions. With lightning-fast image routing, storing and viewing, our easy-to-integrate, seamless software solutions can elevate your operations and improve the patient experience.

Medical Imaging Software

Improve patient care and outcomes with medical imaging software that facilitates accurate analysis and image management. We bring scalable storage solutions to small and large health care facilities with a system that can increase in capacity as you grow. Our DICOM Router resolves patient conflicts, handles complicated routing rules, and increases efficiencies. Our PACS solution requires a simple setup, can seamlessly integrate with your existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and allows for easy image sharing.

HIPAA-Compliant Image Solutions

With state-of-the-art software and hardware technology, you can ethically and securely send images from your workstation wherever you are, improving workflow efficiency. Our imaging software is HIPAA compliant, with robust security protection from our ASTRA™ Cloud. Store, share and retrieve sensitive patient data safely and efficiently. Our Disaster Recovery (DR) feature protects patient data in unexpected events, giving you peace of mind that you remain compliant in unforeseen situations.

Optimized Visualization for Efficient Image Management

Get tools for improved patient image viewing and analysis for more accurate diagnostics and precise reporting. Effectively zoom, rotate, magnify, pan and measure images on one streamlined platform. Utilize 3D markings to label spine images, and view images on up to five monitors.

Why Candelis?

Candelis provides an end-to-end medical image management analysis software platform.

  • Complete Medical Image Management Workflow

    Image archiving, visualization, mammography and radiology viewers (for radiologists and other clinicians and referring doctors), and an agnostic workflow engine

  • Fully Integrated Software

    Our image management software provides medical imagery and patient data to all constituents — radiologists, clinicians, office staff, referring physicians, specialists and patients

  • Tight Integration With Existing EMRs

    Get an easy and seamless setup with our image analysis solutions. HL7 Support protocol for integration with an existing RIS, HIS or EMR, synchronization of patient data across multiple different applications, generate a "Modality Worklist" for each modality

  • Optimized Tools for All Clinicians

    The best medical imaging software that allows all clinicians to view all imagery and reports with priors in a single view

Customer Base

    • Multi-modality imaging centers
    • Clinics
    • Multi-facility healthcare organizations
    • Mammography imaging facilities
    • Regional hospitals
    • Urgent care and ER facilities
    • Hospital departments

Company Background

  • InstallInstall base over 4,000
  • LocationBased in Newport Beach, CA
  • RnDR&D and service-focused organization
  • ProductsWorld-class products and customers
  • PartnershipPartnership with GE, FujiFilm, Hologic, Phillips, and Siemens
  • Support24/7 Support

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