General Radiology

ImageGrid presents fully featured, cost-effective radiology viewers that provide optimized radiology workflow solutions. The reliable, multi-modality PACS solution provides end-to-end support for the entire radiology workflow on a single hardware platform. ImageGrid contributes immediate benefits to customers through lower upfront costs and productivity gains, while drastically reducing ongoing costs associated with IT administration and maintenance contracts.

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The Candelis Radiology Workflow Solution

Learn how our technologies can increase the speed of reading more patient images, optimizing your radiology workflow and storage requirements. Get fully integrated radiology workflow software that improves patient outcomes and enhances the diagnosis experience.


While today’s medical environment offers many technological advances in terms of screening and diagnosis, facilities still encounter the problem that there are too many different vendors with their own proprietary software which does not communicate well with other third-party systems.

Candelis’s ImageGrid solution offers a cost-effective PACS that optimizes radiology image storage, review and communication. Effective radiology workflow management is crucial for streamlined systems that simplify radiology imaging software, leaving more time to focus on patient care. ImageGrid streamlines facility workflow and often acts as a robust data router, providing a uniform platform where all the medical images can easily flow between different providers. As a fully integrated storage and server solution, ImageGrid provides RAID archiving capacity ranging from one terabyte (TB) to hundreds of terabytes in raw capacity and is easily and cost-effectively expandable.

Facilities that receive outside images from multiple destinations need an efficient radiology image storage system that can consolidate all patient studies from all modalities on a single archive/platform.

ImageGrid brings effective image storage solutions in radiology, with the versatility and flexibility to match any workflow system. With ImageGrid, any facility – be it a small imaging center, a community health center or a large hospital, can consolidate all patient imaging content from all departments into one repository, fully integrate with existing EMRs or EHRs, and eliminate dependencies on outdated PACS architecture, allowing for more workplace efficiency and better patient care.

Diagnostic General Radiology PACS Viewer

Candelis offers several FDA 510(k) Cleared visualization solutions which are tightly integrated with our Image Management and Workflow Optimizations solutions. ImageView provides a powerful visualization tool for any radiology department. 

As an application residing on the ImageGrid platform, radiologists are able to view studies using ImageView from any workstation on the local LAN or WAN or a remote workstation. ImageView also enables imaging facilities to securely share medical data and images with their network of referring physicians and other remote users.

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General Radiology PACS Server

Candelis PACS radiology software makes it easier to store and view patient medical images in an economical and shareable way with expandable cloud storage. PACS in radiology presents an economical teleradiology solution, with simple integrations and a seamless setup. ImageGrid is a fully integrated image management and workflow-optimized PACS solution, consisting of a suite of sophisticated image archiving, image management, visualization tools and workflow optimization capabilities closely integrated with state-of-the-art hardware.

In multi-physician or multi-location environments, ImageGrid's archive can be partitioned for multiple AE titles. This feature allows multiple physicians or multiple locations to use the same ImageGrid system while keeping their respective data completely segregated. Get an effective PACS system that allows you to safely store and distribute data for workflow speed that lessens patient waiting times and improves outcomes.

Other feature highlights include:

  • Image management and workflow optimized PACS solution
  • Scalable deep archive
  • Optimized to handle hundreds of millions of images
  • Flexible Backup Options
  • Robust DICOM routing engine, providing rule-based automated routing and manual push/pull
  • Automated rule-based pre/post-fetching of relevant priors
  • Multiple AE titles on system for archive partitioning
  • Accepts and manages studies from other vendors
  • Proxy service for remote DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • DICOM Tag Morphing tools
  • Inbound and outbound HL7 integrations with other vendors (RIS/HIS/EMR/PACS)
  • PIX broker support for Master Patient Index infrastructure
  • Registry and repository XDS support
  • Import via CD/DVD
  • DICOM Anonymization and Teaching File support
  • Self-monitoring and automated reporting
  • Web-based system administration, dashboard and operator interface

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Fully Integrated Workflow

ImageGrid automates, reports, and efficiently controls all aspects of patient procedures – from beginning to end. The ImageGrid solution allows you more control over workflow process, resulting in more power over accounts.

ImageGrid's vast capabilities allow you to optimize your workflow and significantly improve operations and patient care. The platform is designed to improve an imaging center's ability to communicate with referring physicians and affiliated facilities.
ImageGrid helps radiology facilities address image management requirements through:

  • Automated/rules-based DICOM routing
  • Automated/rules-based pre-fetching of relevant priors
  • HL7 integration interface support to scheduling and RIS system
  • Consistent cooperation with existing PACS systems
  • Easy assimilation with reporting and tracking systems
  • Caching and long-term archiving of studies


Candelis' state-of-the-art ImageGrid PACS and ImageView Advanced Reading Workstation allow radiologists to provide their diagnostic reading services from anywhere and at anytime.

Any Internet-connected reading workstation or a proper laptop can be utilized for diagnostic reading securely and efficiently. In addition, ASTRA cloud integration provides cloud storage and a zero-footprint viewer for referring physicians.

Efficiency Tools

The General and Advanced Radiology Viewers are designed with the workflow features that are needed to optimize reading radiology studies including:

  • Supports viewing of CR, DR, and US
  • Pan, rotate, mirror, and zoom
  • Measurement tools
  • Customizable per-modality annotations
  • Cine tool with adjustable speed
  • Reference (scout) lines
  • Magnification glass
  • Zoom synchronization
  • Series Linking
  • Multiple concurrent users
  • Role and user-based settings and permissions
  • Roaming per-user preferences
  • Customizable Hanging Protocols
    • Intelligent Hanging Protocol matching based on parameters like modality and body part
    • Highly customizable rule-based viewing
    • Sharing of Hanging Protocols between di¬fferent users
    • Multi-monitor support
  • 3D cursor localization tool
  • 3D markers for spine labeling
  • 5-Monitor image viewing support

Effective PACS Radiology Software

For optimal radiology imaging software that's easy to integrate and creates images that are shareable across multiple facilities, ImageGrid brings workflow solutions for any size facility. Book your free demo now or contact us online to find out more.


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