Candelis' state-of-the-art ImageGrid™ technology streamlines the movement, viewing and sharing of ultrasound images for increased productivity and minimized downtime. Efficient ultrasound image storage and analysis are vital for maintaining smooth operations and boosting patient outcomes. Whether you're a smaller imaging center or a large healthcare facility, ImageGrid scales with your business, offering easy integration with your existing workflow so you can focus on the patient experience.

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Ultrasound PACS Software

Store and view medical images safely and securely. ImageGrid ultrasound PACS software offers efficiency and productivity in one cost-effective solution. Immediately set up the software and integrate it with your existing work systems for improved image management. Archive and manage ultrasound images with enhanced visualization tools integrated with advanced hardware capabilities.

ImageGrid presents effective solutions for multi-location facilities or multi-physician settings, transporting images securely and ethically. Diagnose conditions and collaborate effectively with other physicians while keeping datasets separate. For enhanced care, quick and easy image sharing with patients fosters patient inclusion without the frustration of waiting or downtime. The Candelis Ultrasound PACS system is a feature-rich, economical, expandable cloud storage solution.

Ultrasound Image Analysis Software

Get clear, improved patient ultrasound images for precise reporting and more accurate diagnostics that facilitate patient trust and peace of mind. Ultrasound PACS software assists with image zooms, pans and measurements in one integrated platform. For an optimized workflow, integrate our image analysis software with your existing RIS or EMR and synchronize patient medical data seamlessly. 

Get a complete ultrasound image storage and analysis management system for your facility, and set it up immediately with no lag time. ImageGrid features a patient-first approach using innovative and cost-effective solutions. Offer enhanced patient experiences by enhancing the quality and efficacy of ultrasound image viewing and sharing.

DICOM Ultrasound Storage

ImageGrid enables the seamless movement of images from your ultrasound device to your workstation for a streamlined workflow while upholding impeccable quality. Resolve conflicts for effective and enhanced diagnosis, and handle complex image routing while enriching the patient experience. Lightning-fast study transfers increase ultrasound efficiencies for effective collaboration. 

Our ultrasound PACS system is expandable for effective medical image management in dynamic environments as your facility grows.


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Cloud Storage for Ultrasounds

ASTRA™ Cloud storage saves and shares ultrasound images securely in a heavily encrypted system with zero-footprint browser-based viewing capabilities. View and transport ultrasound images confidently with proprietary encryption for enhanced privacy and security. Elevate ultrasound image storage capabilities with powerful features and tools that allow patients to receive and view ultrasound images safely and quickly. 

Simplify your workflow and increase patient satisfaction with ultrasound image processing software that stores and manages medical images without traditional downloading that can slow down and frustrate the image management process.

Integrated Ultrasound Image Processing Software

For an integrated ultrasound imaging software solution that is easy to set up, ImageGrid ultrasound image management is suitable for clinicians, office staff, specialists and referring physicians. With us, you can receive the best ultrasound PACS storage and image analysis system that streamlines and optimizes healthcare facility processes and prioritizes patients. For more information, reach out to us through our online form. You can also book your free demo with us today.


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