ImageGrid™ Cloud PACS

ImageGrid Cloud PACS provides the full-fidelity version of Candelis' signature ImageGrid PACS without the need for on-premise hardware. 

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Uncompromised Cost-Effective Cloud PACS

ImageGrid Cloud PACS system provides a feature-rich, reliable, and cost-effective multi-modality PACS solution. Patient images can be consolidated into a single repository for diagnostic viewing and fully integrates with existing EMRs or EHRs. ImageGrid Cloud PACS provides immediate benefits to radiologists through lower upfront costs and productivity gains, while drastically reducing ongoing costs associated with IT administration and maintenance contracts.


Price Per Study

ImageGrid Cloud PACS is extremely cost-effective with a per study pricing for viewing and storage of patient images.

Cloud PACS System Highlights

  • PACS access available immediately
  • Read from any location
  • Secure cloud-based storage
  • Multi-modality and multi-vendor viewer for diagnostic radiology & mammography
  • Advanced routing from multiple sources to multiple destinations
  • Automated rule-based pre/post-fetching of relevant priors
  • Rule-based DICOM tag morphing capabilities to address MRN consistency issues, automated Quality Control, and anonymization profiles
  • Image management and workflow optimized solution
  • Multiple AE titles on system for archive partitioning
  • Accepts and manages studies from other vendors
  • Patient merge / split / linking capability
  • Easily integrates with 3rd-party systems (RIS/HIS/EMR/PACS)
  • Reporting and workflow tools
  • Inbound and outbound HL7 integrations with other vendors
  • PIX broker support for Master Patient Index infrastructure
  • Registry and repository XDS support
  • Extensive Quality Control and anonymization tools
  • Web-based system administration, dashboard and operator interface
  • Cost-effective and efficient solution for sharing data with radiologists, surgeons, physicians, nurses, and technologists
  • Scalable storage
  • Integrated back-up for HIPAA compliance

Cloud PACS With Robust Security 

Diagram portraying the security of the Image Grid Cloud PACS.


The cornerstone of ImageGrid Cloud PACS is extremely robust security. Any object shared through ImageGrid Cloud PACS is encrypted and all communications occur over SSL.


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Instant Access

ImageGrid Cloud PACS uses the latest advancements in cloud technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable both large and small healthcare organizations to access a full-featured PACS without having to invest in servers and hardware.

Access to ImageGrid Cloud PACS requires minimal set-up and no ongoing IT maintenance.

Diagnostic Image Viewing

ImageGrid Cloud PACS provides powerful visualization tools for any radiology department. ImageView is ideal for viewing CR/DR and Ultrasound studies, while the Advanced Radiology Viewer provides additional functionality for reading MRI and CT studies. The ImageView Mammography Viewer provides viewing capabilities for mammography and tomosynthesis studies, while also supporting Breast MRI and 2D and 3D Breast Ultrasound.

As an application residing on the ImageGrid Cloud PACS, radiologists are able to view studies using any remote workstation. ImageView also enables imaging facilities to securely share medical data and images with their network of referring physicians and other remote users.

Immediate Scalability

Diagram portraying the scalability of the Image Grid Cloud PACS.

ImageGrid Cloud PACS is designed to utilize an expandable set of resources provided by Amazon's AWS infrastructure. Customers can scale resources up or down as required by the dynamic environment of their operation.

ImageGrid Cloud PACS can be easily licensed with more virtual CPU cores to increase the overall performance, more raw storage devices to expand image storage capacity, and new virtual network adaptors to distribute network traffic more effectively.


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