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Women's imaging facilities in the United States and around the world are all facing the same set of challenges as they implement or expand digital imaging technologies. These facilities need to digitize, automate, and streamline their mammography viewing software operations and entire workflow for maximum efficiency and profitability.

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The Candelis Solution

Image storage for women's imaging facilities is paramount. To integrate seamless image management solutions, you need efficient technology that manages image routing, viewing, sharing and storage to improve the patient experience. With Candelis' mammography image solutions, you can share and integrate patient images across multiple modalities and locations and collaborate with other physicians. Learn how our technologies can optimize your breast imaging software and mammography image storage abilities. 


Breast Imaging facilities have many unique mammography image challenges due to the size of image datasets and the number of prior studies used for evaluation. Many facilities run into issues such as:

  • Excessive time required for both screening and diagnostic exams to be available for reading on the workstation 
  • Slow image movement due to EMR-driven workflow
  • Waiting for prior images to be available for reading  

It is stressful for both the radiologist and the patient when there is any delay in reading the images. When radiologists have to wait for each study, and their priors, to download and store to their local workstation, it takes away critical time from the patient's diagnosis and limits the number of studies that can be read per day.

The Candelis Advanced Breast Imaging PACS addresses many of these issues by offering superior image quality with tools for a more accurate and thorough diagnosis. Better diagnostic tools and more efficient workflow processes will further allow imaging centers and clinics to focus on patient care.

Digital Mammography Image Viewing

ImageGrid enables radiologists to read more Tomo studies per hour. The Candelis Advanced Breast Imaging Viewer provides an enhancement to the Candelis ImageGrid platform which includes multimodality and multivendor viewing of breast images with a complete diagnostic tools set.

Features include:

  • Mammography, tomosynthesis, 2D Ultrasound, and MRI Breast Image Support
  • 3D Breast Ultrasound Study Review
  • Remote Diagnostic Image Viewing
  • Advanced Patient Matching
  • Enhanced Mammography Prefetch

In addition to supporting mammography and tomosynthesis images from Hologic, GE, Siemens, FujiFilm, Planmed, and Giotto, ImageGrid’s Advanced Breast Imaging Workstation supports viewing and analysis of 3D breast ultrasound images acquired by GE, Siemens, Hitachi, and iVu.

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Breast Imaging PACS

In addition to the Advanced Breast Imaging Viewer, the Breast Imaging PACS has a backend server that allows for storage and optimized image movement.  The server’s enhanced mammography prefetching tools further reduces the time required before studies can be read by radiologists and eliminates all information that can cause a patient mismatch. Advanced features include: 

  • Retrieval of prior studies from multiple mammography PACS systems 
  • Ensure consistency between current and prior patient studies 
  • Delivery of prior studies to the workstation during non-peak hours 
  • Caching exams on the workstation to minimizing fetching activities during reading 
  • Prerender prior exams resulting in quicker visualization of studies at time of reading 
  • Delivery of both current and prior exams simultaneously to workstation along with notification of availability for reading 
  • Reliable Local Storage
  • Cloud Archiving
  • Superior Image Routing
  • Quick Study Movement

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Mammography PACS With Cloud Backup

The Advanced Breast Imaging Workstation’s enhanced mammography prefetching tools further reduces the time required before studies can be read by radiologists and eliminates all information that can cause a patient mismatch. Features include:

  • Retrieval of prior studies from multiple mammography PACS systems
  • Ensuring consistence between current and prior patient studies
  • Reliable Storage
  • Cloud Archiving
  • Superior Image Routing
  • Quick Study Movement

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Fully Integrated Mammography Workflow Software

ImageGrid helps Women's Imaging facilities address image management requirements through:

  • Automated/rules-based DICOM routing
  • Automated/rules-based prefetching of relevant priors
  • HL7 integration interface support to scheduling and RIS system
  • Consistent cooperation with existing PACS systems
  • Easy assimilation with mammography reporting and tracking systems
  • Caching and long-term archiving of studies

Mammography PACS Efficiency Tools

The state-of-the-art Mammography Viewer is built with the workflow attributes that are required to optimize reading mammography, tomosynthesis, and 3D Breast Ultrasound studies, including:

  • Diagnostic and Screening Hanging Protocols and Workflows
  • Views with Modifiers Supported
  • Zoom presets
  • Hanging Protocols Sub-Steps Supported
  • Hanging Protocols Incorporating Unviewed Images
  • Tomosynthesis navigation tools
  • Configurable Radiology Worklists
  • Study Park Position (Interrupted Workflow) Feature
  • Automatic Prefetch of Patient Prior Images
  • On-the-fly 3D breast ultrasound image reconstruction that enables observation of sagittal, coronal, and transverse planes
  • Simultaneous labeling of points of interest across multiple viewports that showcase varied anatomical planes
  • Dynamic rotation of the ultrasound image around a specified point of interest, allowing radiologists to observe an area from various angles
  • Reporting of distance to nipple and clock position for points of interest
  • The ability to link multiple viewports in a series for simultaneous image movement and scrolling

Digital Mammography Image Storage Made Easy With Candelis

A fully integrated and efficient PACS system for your mammography office can help you focus on patient care and improve patient outcomes. Candelis is committed to providing world-class solutions for improved breast imaging viewing, storage and sharing. Schedule a demo today or contact us online for more information about our breast imaging software.


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