With the need for orthopedic care growing worldwide each year, orthopedic facilities need efficient, easy-to-use and reliable imaging and diagnosis systems to increase productivity and ensure optimized workflow.

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Thanks to an aging population and increased physical fitness activities, the need for efficient orthopedic care continues to grow worldwide. The Candelis family of products meets that need. Our ImageGrid™ orthopedic imaging software provides a wide range of capabilities to enhance diagnostics and simplify image management and storage for streamlined workflows.

Orthopedic Imaging PACS Server

ImageGrid is a PACS solution engineered with workflow optimization at its core. It provides image management, image archiving and visualization tools. Built using state-of-the-art and powerful hardware, ImageGrid is a fully integrated image management and workflow platform.

Features include:

  • Support for multiple facilities
  • Patient filter designed for multi-physician practices
  • Click to burn CDs or export studies to removable storage
  • Patient demographic interface with modalities
  • Robust DICOM routing engine
  • The ability to assign use to provide features and functionality needed with saved preferences
  • EMR integration
  • Archive on-site and in the cloud

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Image Viewing

Our orthopedic image viewing software is an FDA 510(k) cleared enhancement to the Candelis ImageGrid platform. The Advanced Radiology Viewer allows professionals to easily view, analyze and manipulate images at faster rates with greater accuracy. These user-friendly solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems and deliver high-quality images for precise diagnostics, with support for features including:

  • Distance measurements
  • Angle measurements
  • Cobb Angle measurements
  • 3D markers for spine labeling
  • Automatic linking of prior exams
  • Ability to launch directly from worklists, improving your workflow

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Fully Integrated Workflow

ImageGrid provides and optimized solution for managing, storing, viewing and archiving orthopedic images.

Diagram showing the ImageGrid workflow

PACS With Cloud Backup

Our PACS for orthopedics stores and retrieves images from different modalities, including ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans and X-rays. We also provide orthopedics PACS with cloud backup. The ASTRA™ Cloud is an excellent solution for archiving patient data and fostering collaboration between facilities through a single platform. 

Features include:

  • Seamless, secure sharing of studies
  • Automatic offsite archive for full HIPAA compliance
  • Robust security using proprietary encryption
  • Multiple image viewing options
  • Hassle-free disaster recovery

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