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ImageGrid provides scalable image archiving solutions, designed to grow with your practice. Seamlessly integrate medical image archiving software into your current system and workflow with robust, secure cloud storage and retrieval.

ImageGrid is the most cost-effective PACS for image storage, review, and diagnostic analysis and its storage and archive capabilities provide an efficient approach to handling a large volume of images, including the unique archiving requirements of digital mammography for practices that do not have access to a PACS or need a local archiving solution.

Medical Image Archiving Software

Whether assisting smaller healthcare centers or large hospitals in managing medical images, Candelis ImageGrid solutions provide cost-effective medical image storage solutions. Store data ethically and safely with a robust medical image archiving system that provides patient-centered image solutions. Candelis medical imaging storage makes storage management seamless with easy integration so that your current workflow won't be affected. 

Our ImageGrid medical image cloud storage makes storing medical images safer, more cost-effective, and more streamlined. Successfully save large, complex images without worrying about extra hardware or costs. Our feature-rich medical storage data system is suitable for any size facility and can be seamlessly integrated with healthcare centers that use several modalities.

Medical Image Storage for Improved Patient Outcomes

ImageGrid effectively handles your data storage so you can have more time to focus on patient care and recovery. Securely store data with robust security and disaster recovery mechanisms. Retrieve archived data quickly, and ethically collaborate for superior patient services. Seamlessly distribute images to referring physicians so patients get speedy, exceptional assistance. Enhance your workflow with a scalable medical image storage system that puts patients' needs first.


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Storage of patient data for the legally required number of years can be very costly. Candelis’s ImageGrid offers a  cost-effective, yet powerful, system that can easily read, route, and archive all types of DICOM digital images at a fraction of the cost of storing on a traditional PACS system.

ImageGrid is especially optimized for the storage of large 3D datasets, such as in Mammography (2+ Gigabytes). 3D tomosynthesis datasets can use large quantities of data in legacy PACS systems and placing these images on your current network will slow it down when they need to be transferred to the radiologist for review. ImageGrid is a highly optimized platform that  enhances a facilities workflow without adversely affecting business efficiency, while ensuring business continuity.

ImageGrid will eliminate the high expense of storing images, easily expand to over 100TB, and integrate into any radiology department workflow whether alongside a current PACS or replacing a legacy PACS.

Cloud Backup

Safely store complex radiology images and datasets with medical image archive systems that prioritize patients. Candelis image storage solutions provide secure image saving and optimal data management with an easy-to-integrate system. ImageGrid provides backup of data in the Candelis ASTRA™ Cloud at a low cost per study. Free cloud services include:

  • Backup: Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery;
  • ASTRA Plus: Easy sharing of complete studies with patients and physicians
  • ASTRA Lite: Allows for study review via web browser for referring physicians
  • ASTRA Mobile: iPAD/iPhone App for mobile review of patient studies

Disaster Recovery

Ensure the safe storage and retrieval of patients' data to minimize workflow interruption and improve patient outcomes. ImageGrid automatically guarantees a Disaster Recovery plan by automating backup and recovery functionality. Either through our ASTRA Cloud platform, or an ImageGrid DR option, ImageGrid provides a guaranteed disaster recovery solution ensuring that data is protected in the event of all circumstances. This licensable option on ImageGrid. provides a disaster recovery option allowing facilities to comply with HIPAA requirements.

ImageGrid also removes IT maintenance headaches, reduces ongoing IT costs due to changing outdated legacy PACS systems or adding additional storage, and provides a Disaster Recovery strategy with proper backup.

Fully Integrated Workflow

ImageGrid has been optimized to store and manage large studies and can move them around quickly. ImageGrid prefetches patient prior studies from a PACS or archive, so networks are not impacted during business hours. Additionally, ImageGrid can transparently pull patient studies from geographically different facilities that might be storing a patient’s prior images.

ImageGrid also ensures that the right images will be routed to the correct reading location for radiologist review. Whether the data is stored on ImageGrid, an external PACS, or multiple archival systems, ImageGrid provides automated Quality Control tools to transform patient studies so that they are uniform which helps streamline the review of studies from external sites.

Efficiency Tools

ImageGrid offers the following functionality for medical image storage and archiving:

  • Backup/Restore, Archive/Retrieve, and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Seamless, secure sharing of complete studies
  • Automated distribution of study imagery, reports, and key images to referring physicians
  • Visualization of reports and key images using ASTRA Lite, a zero foot-print interface, or ASTRA Mobile, an application for iPad and iPhone
  • Ability to perform inbound patient scheduling for referring physicians
  • Monitoring and reporting on the ImageGrid platform

Streamlined Medical Imaging Storage Solutions

ImageGrid offers safe and secure medical image data storage that increases peace of mind and facilitates a more effective workflow. Stay one step ahead with disaster recovery and monitoring. Start today by requesting your free demo now. You can also contact us online for more information.


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