ASTRA™ Cloud Image Sharing

Share imaging studies and reports with referring physicians, referring surgeons, and other radiologists efficiently, securely and effortlessly. Whether you need to share medical images on a single occasion or on an ongoing basis, ASTRA Cloud Image Sharing is capable of addressing your medical imaging needs.

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Cloud-Based Medical Image Sharing

Candelis' HIPAA-compliant image sharing system streamlines medical image data management and transportation for enhanced patient outcomes and improved care. Get speedier diagnosis through effective collaboration that doesn't need image downloading, eliminating the costs and safety gaps of other traditional storage and sharing methods.


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Improve Patient Care With Efficient Solutions

Easy to use, ASTRA Cloud Image Sharing simplifies the process of image retrieval for patients with robust technology that underpins data transactions. Provide an effective, transparent and user-friendly data transporting software that is cognizant of the patient experience.

Collaborate and share images ethically and seamlessly, giving you time to focus on patient care and improving the patient experience.

Share via Email

Ensure the rightful parties obtain vital information and assist in quicker diagnosis with fast, reliable, patient-centered image-sharing software. The Candelis medical image-sharing platform is email friendly and has sophisticated security technology so patients can receive optimal care and support while medical data is retrieved and shared ethically and securely.

When sharing a Study or Report, the user may select a previously known address or enter a new email address, in which case an email is sent to that address indicating that a patient study has been shared and providing a link. When the recipient clicks on the link, the ASTRA Lite viewer is launched and the shared Study/Report is automatically opened for viewing.

Virtual CD/DVD

Medical imaging transmission and viewing take place via ASTRA Lite, and images are stored on the ASTRA Cloud, eliminating the need for costly hardware and minimizing time-consuming waiting periods in case of an emergency. ASTRA Cloud Image Sharing provides an effective alternative to the traditional methods of transporting medical images.

No more CDs, DVDs, and USB Drives!

ASTRA cloud Image Sharing is a Virtual CD available immediately to patients and physicians seamlessly— make your radiology images available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Zero-Footprint DICOM Viewer

The best medical image sharing software allows you to safely view stored data and collaborate. ASTRA Lite is a zero-footprint browser-based web interface that enables the visualization of studies and reports stored in the ASTRA Cloud. Secure access to ASTRA is provided from anywhere via popular browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. With ASTRA Lite’s powerful features and tools, referring physicians can precisely examine studies and annotate findings.

Patients, referring physicians and surgeons can access files quickly and securely on a heavily encrypted medical image sharing platform. Increase patients' peace of mind with scalable, cloud-based medical image sharing that grows with your facility and puts patient satisfaction first.

ASTRA Lite can be accessed from any workstation or desktop for users with an ASTRA Cloud account. Studies and reports are securely hosted on ASTRA Cloud and can be retrieved instantaneously, without the wait time normally associated with downloading large-sized studies. Referring physicians can view and annotate studies without having to download large medical files to a local server or hardware.

  • Thin client
    • Access from anywhere
    • Metadata decrypted only at the client
    • Chrome, IE, FF, Safari
  • Reports
    • Supports key images
    • Visualization
    • Download and save as PDF
  • Study Imagery
    • Complete studies
    • Multi-modality
    • Tomo-capable (incl. Cine)
    • CT reference lines

Robust Security With HIPAA Cloud Image Sharing Technology

Employ the appropriate steps to remain HIPAA compliant and ensure privacy with a vigorous, secure medical image sharing solution. The cornerstone of ASTRA Cloud is extremely robust security. Any object shared through ASTRA Cloud is heavily encrypted, using a proprietary combination of object-unique symmetric keys, coupled with asymmetric encryption.

All communications occur over SSL. Only the object’s original owner and the intended recipient possess the ability to decrypt it.

Secure Medical Image Sharing for All Healthcare Facilities

ASTRA Cloud Image Sharing provides smaller medical imaging centers and larger hospitals with the necessary tools to optimize workflow and simplify image sharing on a safe, secure cloud platform. If you would like more information, you can contact us online. To book your free demo, fill out our online form today.


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