Candelis, Inc. Launches ImageGrid Mini, a Mini-PACS and Data Management Platform for Under $10k

ImageGrid Mini, a turnkey, plug-and-play solution that includes a diagnostic viewer and backup on the cloud, enables healthcare facilities of any size to capitalize on PACS technology robustness and workflow efficiencies.

Newport Beach, CA (November 14, 2018) – Candelis, Inc., a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions to hospitals and imaging centers, has launched ImageGrid Mini based on their keystone ImageGrid platform with over 2,700 installations.

Candelis’s ImageGrid, launched in 2007, is the most robust image management solution in the industry. ImageGrid Mini uses the same mature and innovative technology as its predecessor, but is a small footprint PACS ideal within clinics, small radiology facilities, or remote radiologist offices.

“ImageGrid Mini’s is ideal as a modality PACS or a mini-PACS that can be used within small radiology facilities and remote radiologist offices. Radiologists can use it at home or in their office. Small specialty clinics like OB/GYN, Orthopedics, Cardiology, and Chiropractic will find it useful and easy to use for managing all their generated images,” said Robert Van Uitert, PhD, Vice President of Marketing at Candelis.

ImageGrid Mini is a complete, turnkey, plug-and-play solution that can also be bundled with OEM modalities to offer a diagnostic image viewer and modality-specific archiving device. The nature of the product renders it easy to install and support.

“Some of the biggest modality manufacturers in our industry have already adopted this solution to differentiate their products while delivering significant value to their customers,” said Mazi Razmjoo, Vice President of Sales at Candelis, “We are looking to form partnerships with other global modality manufacturers as the solution is currently available for sale in the US and most markets outside of the US. At even more aggressive discounted price levels for annual quantities, OEMs are finding this solution a no-brainer addition for bundling with their imaging modalities.”

For small clinics and imaging practices and remote radiologists, ImageGrid Mini is a personalized cost-effective DICOM archive and backup with a diagnostic image viewer. Significantly lower than the cost of a fully integrated image management and workflow optimization solution, ImageGrid Mini is compatible with any DICOM modality with an archiving capacity starting at 1TB.

ImageGrid Mini provides image management capabilities by simply connecting the platform to a network, which will start to receive studies from any modality. IT expertise is not required, and no down time is incurred for either installation or operation. With ImageGrid Mini, managing and archiving studies from all modalities like CR, DR, Ultrasound, MRI, CT, Mammo, Floro and PET becomes easier and less costly. ImageGrid Mini complies fully with the DICOM standards.

“ImageGrid Mini yields immediate benefits to customers by introducing a complete and advanced image management platform to the practice while lowering upfront costs and enhancing productivity,” added Van Uitert, “It is truly a smaller version of the original ImageGrid, boasting all of its robustness and necessary technological features but at a lower cost.”

Similar to the ImageGrid, 24/7 support is provided with ImageGrid Mini. It is now available for purchase.