Candelis, Inc. Implements ImageGrid Plus at Duke University Health System for Centralized Radiology Protocol Management

Candelis and Duke University Health System collaborate to build an intelligent and visionary high-performance system that enables Duke to optimize their enterprise workflow and improve system efficiencies

Newport Beach, CA (October 31, 2018) – Candelis, Inc., a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions, has implemented its new ImageGrid Plus system at Duke University Hospitals providing an optimized medical informatics network at the forefront of healthcare technology.

ImageGrid Plus is an ultra-high-performance platform that can support high volume healthcare environments of 1,000+ modalities. The ImageGrid Plus platform is tailored for facilities with an overtaxed central system in the radiology department, and where complex routing rules and DICOM tag morphing are necessary to support the radiology work environment.

Duke University Health System consists of multiple hospitals and offsite imaging facilities with complex mappings per CT and MR machine that needed to be consolidated and managed centrally. Upgrading the Duke network from old hardware to new hardware would have required physical changes on each CT and MR system that would be incredibly complex and require many man-hours.

“The complexity of 10-18 locations and setting-up new IP addresses and changing the connecting points for over 20 CT and MR devices would have been a tremendous amount of work.  Our partnership with Candelis, however, has enabled us to vastly improve our workflow at an enterprise level. Instead of changing the IP for several associations and manually altering each modality, we can now do it from one central location with an ImageGrid Plus server. There is a significant reduction in hours needed to manage the modalities now that all the protocols can be managed remotely and centrally for all of these devices. As a result, we have optimized patient care by improving response time and allowing continuity of service, while lowering the cost of operations.  We could not have moved forward without Candelis modernizing the traffic on our heavy volume equipment,” explained Grant Smith, CRES Assistant Director, Duke University Health System.

Candelis’s ImageGrid Plus can accommodate extreme workloads at busy high-volume sites, especially important in multimodality healthcare environments. ImageGrid Plus’ placement at the core of Duke’s network was critical to centralizing Duke’s PACS and IT operations.  ImageGrid Plus has allowed Duke to deploy fewer IT/PACS resources to manage their existing infrastructure, balance their patient load by better distribution and assignment of imaging procedures to different modalities, and optimize their workflow and uptime by ensuring interoperability of different components in their network and having global visibility from a single central point.

“Large enterprise facilities, like Duke University Health System, will greatly benefit from the optimizations that ImageGrid Plus can provide.  We are currently working with several other healthcare facilities to improve their radiology workflows and continue to seek new partnerships to deploy our solution”, stated Robert Van Uitert, PhD, Vice President of Marketing at Candelis.

Duke University Hospitals and Candelis have collaborated for the past 1.5 years on the ImageGrid server and their ongoing collaboration will benefit other similarly situated healthcare enterprises globally.