Candelis Announces Breakthrough Innovations in its ASTRA Cloud Services

Brower-based universal visualization tool $499 per TB seamless archive

Newport Beach, CA – November 21, 2012. Candelis today announced two breakthrough innovations in its ASTRATM cloud services offerings.

First, it has extended the capabilities of its browser-only thin client, ASTRA LiteTM, to provide for visualization of diagnostic-caliber images solving a problem that has been dogging the industry since the introduction of digital imaging. Imaging facilities can now publish complete studies, as well as reports and key images – securely, automatically, without allowing access to their internal network, without VPNs and with zero administration of user accounts. Referring physicians and specialists can now easily access full resolution studies, reports and key images anytime and from anywhere and on any device - using only a browser. No plug-ins. No installation. No hassles.

Screenshot of ASTRA Lite

A 4-up display in ASTRA Lite showing Mammography and Ultrasound images

Second, through ASTRA the company now provides deep archive support at the astounding rate of only $499 per Terabyte. Administration of backup and archive is completely eliminated: no more shuffling of tapes, remembering to clean the tape drives or trying to figure out where the tape containing a prior is located. ASTRA manages all backup and archive activities automatically and seamlessly.

ASTRA archiving services can serve as a means by which imaging facilities extend the useful lifespan of their existing PACS solutions without incurring significant up-front expenditures. Facilities can push older studies from their existing PACS solutions to Candelis’ solutions which will automatically back up and/or archive studies to ASTRA. If those studies are required in the future, they will be automatically retrieved and supplied – with no user intervention. “Our announcement today demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the delivery of powerful capabilities through ASTRA that address imaging facility pain points and which enable them to enhance the services they provide to their own customers” said Steven Higgins, Candelis’ CTO and VP Engineering.

Candelis, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.