Image Management and Archiving

The paradigm shift that was needed to significantly lower the cost of Medical Image Management and Archiving has occurred. ImageGrid™ is a feature rich and yet cost effective "appliance", consisting of a suite of sophisticated image archiving, image management, visualization tools and workflow optimization capabilities closely integrated with state-of-the-art hardware. As a fully integrated storage and server solution, ImageGrid provides RAID archiving capacity ranging from 1 terabyte (TB) to hundreds of terabytes in raw capacity. Regardless of the initial capacity, ImageGrid's archive is easily and cost-effectively expandable.


ImageGrid's vast capabilities allow you to optimize your workflow and significantly improve operations and patient care. As a web-based solution, ImageGrid™ is designed to improve an imaging center's ability to communicate with referring physicians and affiliated facilities. In multi-physician or multi-location environments, ImageGrid's archive can be partitioned along multiple AE Titles. This feature allows multiple physicians or multiple locations to use the same ImageGrid system, while keeping their respective data completely segregated.

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