Introducing ImageGridTM Mini

ImageGrid Mini is based on Candelis’s successful ImageGrid platform, the most robust image management solution in the industry, with over 2,700 installations. This is a turn-key, plug and play solution that includes a diagnostic image viewer and backup to the cloud. ImageGrid Mini can be used as a modality-specific PACS or a mini-PACS within clinics, small radiology facilities, or and remote radiologist offices.

ImageGrid Mini also can be bundled with OEM modalities to offer a diagnostic image viewer and modality-specific archiving device.

What makes ImageGrid Mini appealing is its robustness, having all the needed pieces of viewing, archiving, and routing technology, while at a low cost.

Features Include:

  • Turnkey Mini-PACS for image archiving
  • Stand-alone PC tower
  • 900GB or 1.8TB usable storage RAID archive
  • Diagnostic viewer for multi-modality image review
  • ASTRATM Cloud back-up services
  • Up to two remote AE titles supported
  • Study modification tools
  • Patient merge, split, linking capability
  • Radiologist worklist synchronization
  • Accommodates remote reading for radiologists
  • Import via CD/DVD
  • Web-based system administration, dashboard and operator interface
  • Comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant auditing
  • DICOM anonymization and teaching file support


Introducing ImageGridTM  Plus

ImageGrid Plus expands Candelis’s ImageGrid product to help the workflow in extremely high-volume, complex healthcare facilities.  ImageGrid Plus is an ultra-high-performance platform that can support high volume healthcare environments of 1,000+ modalities. The ImageGrid Plus platform is tailored for facilities with an overtaxed central system in the radiology department, and where complex routing rules and DICOM tag morphing are necessary to  support the radiology work environment.  Capable of handling a massive number of concurrent requests, Candelis’s new ImageGrid Plus ensures fast, efficient and reliable delivery of images.  The ImagGrid Plus can also become the central configuration server for your enterprise, effectively enabling you to administer your modalities and other DICOM systems from a single server and avoiding the hassle of making the same changes at multiple modalities when problems arise at your PACS.

Let ImageGrid Plus provide an efficient workflow in your most complex radiology environments. 


Features Include:

  • Ultra high-performance software & hardware
  • Rule-based tag morphing capabilities to address MRN consistency issues, automated Quality Control, and anonymization profiles
  • Extensive parallelization configurability to accommodate system load-balancing
  • Focal point for modifying study metadata and ensuring transfer syntax consistency
  • Intelligent parsing and routing of studies, series, and individual instances
  • Extensive notification infrastructure – text or email – to provide timely notification concerning workflow, hardware, and software issues
  • Cost-effective, and efficient solution for sharing data with radiologists, surgeons, physicians, nurses, and technologists
  • ImageGrid Plus server can function as one point of change for multiple modalities
  • 1.4TB RAID 1 to 21TBs RAID 6 usable local archive
  • 10 GbE network connection
  • Automatic ASTRA™ cloud backup for compliance with HIPPA requirements
  • Self-monitoring, automated reporting
  • Web-based system administration, dashboard and operator interface


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