Naser Rahbar, MD
Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging & Breast Center
Huntington Beach, CA

“As chief radiologist and owner of this facility, I needed to choose a partner that met all of my business needs and I found the Candelis system does that with its fully integrated solution. I never have to worry about my IT. I get to focus on the medical aspect of my practice and I am assured that all my front office and storage needs are met. The automated patient procedures, viewing, and reporting capabilities courtesy of their state-of-the-art ASTRA™ cloud improve our response time to our referring doctors and patients, and the cost savings allowed us to allocate funds to modalities and better patient care. My entire Candelis experience - price-wise, performance-wise, and service is exceptional. It was a great business decision.”

Peter M. Jokich
Peter M. Jokich, MD, FSBI, FACR
Director, Division of Breast Imaging
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

"We pride ourselves on our extraordinary facilities and commitment to patient care. As an enterprise facility, we have dedicated breast imaging radiologists at two sites, so a solid platform is crucial. We confidently run our entire breast imaging division on the Candelis solution. Candelis is committed to women’s health, providing a complete, end-to-end support package including a feature-rich Breast Imaging PACS, and an optimized Mammo viewer. Their solutions help us stay advanced and on the cutting edge of breast care.” 

Russell N. Low
Russell N. Low, MD
Sharp and Children's MRI Center
San Diego, CA

"The Candelis solution has delivered significant improvements in our efficiency and productivity. After exploring other solutions, we found that the Candelis platform utilized the most cutting-edge and innovative technology. With our Candelis VNA, we can accept studies from virtually any other vendor system. The study ingestion, archiving, and imaging distribution features are seamless, scalable, and optimized. Moreover, Candelis is very responsive to our needs. Since the entire solution is so easy to use, we can provide even better patient care.”

Kristi Funk
Kristi Funk, MD
Pink Lotus Breast Center
Beverly Hills, CA

"Candelis is a great asset for our team. It creates a seamless and automated workflow for our imaging team so they can focus their time on where it matters most - the patient.”

Keith Prince
Keith Prince
Sharp and Children's MRI Imaging Center
San Diego, CA

“I discovered Candelis 8 years ago when I was looking for a quality business partner with leading edge technologies. To date, I’ve never been disappointed. I’m very pleased with the level of support and innovative technology that Candelis delivers. As our needs have grown, the product has scaled and delivered dramatic improvements in our efficiency and productivity. With its ease of use, flexibility, and exceptional performance, Candelis is an essential and integral part of our practice.”

Albert Fields
Albert Fields
IT Department Head
Northwest Radiologists, Inc.
Bellingham, WA

"Candelis provides us an economical solution for all of our Breast Imaging as opposed to other PACS systems. Additionally, we never worry about archiving our images because of the strength of our Candelis Mercury™ VNA. We also love the way that the system seamlessly integrates our RIS, our Hologic Mammography stations and simplifies the radiologist's workflow. It is an incredibly flexible system that helps run our practice efficiently and increase our day-to-day productivity."

Camiar Ohadi MD
Camiar Ohadi, MD
Millennium Imaging Medical Center
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Thanks to our Candelis system, our practice runs smoothly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of other comparable solutions. Moreover, I cannot emphasize enough the expertise of the Candelis technical support team.  They are available 24/7, provide superb responses and quickly help us understand and resolve problems. I am proud to be a Candelis customer 9 years and counting.”

Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards
PACS Administrator
St. Francis Hospital
Roslyn, NY

"Upgrading to a Candelis Mercury™ VNA was one of the best decisions we made to increase our overall IT prowess. With our Candelis VNA, we truly have a vendor-neutral solution. It can accept studies from all other vendor systems so easy integration is a no brainer. Data exchange is painless and we can now consolidate all patient imaging content from all departments into one repository so our hospital is incredibly organized and efficient.”

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