Women's Imaging

Women’s Imaging facilities in the United States and around the world are all facing the same set of challenges as they implement or expand digital imaging technologies. These facilities need to digitize, automate and streamline their operations and entire workflow for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Given the downward pressure on reimbursements and the competitive nature of the Women’s Imaging market, facilities require solutions that are cost effective and easy to maintain. Increasingly, the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which factors in solution administration, maintenance, functionality, usability and serviceability is becoming the key factor in decision making.

The ImageGrid Image Management Appliance helps Women's Imaging facilities address customer’s Image Management requirements for automated/rules-based DICOM Routing, automated/rules-based pre-fetching of relevant priors, HL7 integration interface support, caching of studies and long term archiving.

Candelis enables Women's Imaging facilities to have a fully integrated workflow and the capabilities of the ImageGrid Image Management Appliance are augmented by a number of Workflow Optimization features and functionality:
  • Workflow Optimization
    • Patient Scheduling
    • Registration and Insurance Information
  • MQSA Mammography Tracking with support for National Mammography Database (NMD)
    • Exam Results - Store exam date, reason for mammogram, overall assessment, follow-up recommendations, and reading radiologist
    • Pathology Results - Store pathology data for positive mammograms that lead to biopsy
    • Follow-Up - Query interface providing a list of patients due for a certain period of time - Automated result and follow-up letter generation based upon follow-up recommendations
    • Statistical Reports (audit) - Follow-up analysis by number of patients and follow-up recommendation • Quality assurance audit
  •  Mammography Billing
  •  Integration with an existing HIS, RIS, EMR, LIS via HL7
  •  In-bound and out-bound transfer of patient studies and/or reports (to/from other facilities or  to/from patients)
  •  Mammography Reporting fully integrated with the Image Management and Image Visualization  elements
    • Customizable report templates and structured reports
    • Dictation / Transcription with the ability to attach Voice Notes and transcribed reports to studies
    • A Voice Recognition option that is tightly integrated with reporting templates and macros enabling radiologists to quickly and accurately read and report
    • The automated, secure and timely distribution of reports with embedded key images or entire studies with Radiologist’s annotations to referring physicians and surgeons
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