ASTRA - Cloud-Hosted Services

ASTRA is a FDA 510(k) cleared next-generation cloud-based suite of software services that is forever changing the medical imaging workflow and redefining how healthcare facilities interact with each other.

The ASTRA suite of cloud-hosted services includes ASTRA Plus, ASTRA Lite and ASTRA Mobile.

ASTRA Plus is a downloadable software application which enables users to securely send and receive imaging studies and reports across a WAN, and to route studies across a LAN via DICOM. Studies and reports can be viewed, displayed, printed and archived using tools provided within the application. By facilitating the sharing and distribution of medical imaging studies and reports, ASTRA Plus enhances patient care and outcomes and eliminates the need for potentially harmful and costly duplicate imaging procedures.

ASTRA Lite is a true thin client, browser-agnostic tool providing referring physicians with a unified portal for the viewing of medical imaging reports and embedded key images. The physician can optionally download and save a full-fidelity PDF of the report. ASTRA Lite provides a highly secure means of delivery of radiologist reports and findings to referring physicians, surgeons and clinicians, thereby improving patient care.

ASTRA Mobile, developed specifically for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, enables users to receive, view, download, and print medical reports and key images anywhere in the world.

ASTRA meets your need for speed - and security and scalability - while eliminating the typical up-front investment costs that siphon resources from more strategic business areas.

With ASTRA, you can securely and rapidly:

  • Transfer imaging studies from one facility to another
  • Transfer and receive images/reports using a single, universal platform
  • Transfer and receive images/reports without the need for a CD/DVD
  • Archive and retrieve images/reports for a user-defined period of time
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