Radiation Therapy & Oncology

Mastering the Data Storage and Visualization Challenge in Radiation Oncology

Already in use at over 50 leading Cancers Centers in the United States, ImageGrid PACS-RT is the ideal and most cost effective solution for managing the ever growing volumes of images and data in Radiation Oncology.

Advancements in imaging technology drive the size of the studies for treatment planning, while additional scans for daily positioning verification significantly increase image volumes overall. ImageGrid PACS-RT offers a flexible and scalable solution to keep increasing volumes of data and images readily accessible while your patients are under treatment.

In addition, a fully integrated web-enabled 2D/3D RT Viewer enables oncologists to review, approve and sign-off on treatment plans from any workstation. The ImageGrid RT Viewer has received FDA 510(k) Clearance and offers a number of unique capabilities designed to streamline and simplify workflow:

  • User-specific, automatically populated case worklists,
  • Worklist-based prefetching of relevant priors,
  • Roaming user preferences ensuring a consistent user experience irrespective of physical workstation location,
  • Dose rendering - including dose clouds, dose contours, dose histograms and beam(s) rendering and
  • Integrated case reports

With the ImageGrid PACS-RT Appliance, therapists, dosimetrists, physicists and oncologists have immediate access to data and images, resulting in optimized clinical performance and better patient care. Oncologists can seamlessly move between image and case review, using both portal images and 3D datasets. The ImageGrid PACS-RT Appliance complies with the DICOM-RT standard and supports all DICOM-RT objects.

The ImageGrid RT Viewer also includes a host of capabilities present in Candelis’ Advanced Radiology Viewer.

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