Warranty information

Each Candelis product is covered by a limited warranty that has been designed to ensure the highest level of support. For specific product warranty definitions, please refer to the warranty card that shipped with the product, the   Candelis Warranty & Service Matrix, or the  ImageGrid Warranty Matrix.

All ImageGrid products are covered by Candelis' limited warranty. Coverage may vary by product and component as defined by the ImageGrid Warranty Matrix. Additionally, extended Service Offerings may be purchased to further enhance the product ownership experience.

The Limited warranty covers defects encountered in normal use of the product and does not apply to damage from improper installation, misuse, abuse, accidents, unauthorized service or inadequate packaging when shipping the product to Candelis, Inc.

Candelis, Inc. provides the following limited warranty for our products only if the product was originally purchased for use, not for resale, from Candelis, Inc., a Candelis, Inc.-authorized dealer or distributor, or any other Candelis, Inc.-approved reseller for our products. Candelis products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for the period stated on the associated warranty accompanying each product.

If the product fails during normal and proper use within the warranty period, Candelis, Inc. will, at its option, repair or replace the product at no cost (except shipping and insurance). The limited warranty does not include service to repair damage from improper installation, accidents, disasters, misuse, abuse or modifications to the subsystem or by any other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship. In addition, a new product, following the guidelines listed within the cross-shipment procedures, will replace any product that fails within the first 30 days of invoice. This policy applies to a subset or part of a product up to the entire unit, depending on the defective part(s).

This warranty applies only to products that are new and unopened on the date of purchase. For areas outside of the United States, contact the authorized dealer from whom you purchased this product to determine what warranty, if any, applies.

This limited warranty constitutes your sole and exclusive remedy and the sole and exclusive liability of Candelis, Inc. and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability of items for a particular purpose.

Your sole remedy shall be repair or replacement as provided in this limited warranty. Candelis shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to any loss of data or loss of profits or business, regardless of the form of action or theory of liability resulting from any defects in, or use of, this product (even if Candelis, Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages).

In any event, the liability of Candelis, Inc. under this limited warranty for damages to you or any third party, regardless of the form of action or theory of liability, shall not exceed the purchase price you paid for this product.

Some states do not allow limitations of the disclaimer of implied warranties, the period an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the exclusions and limitations stipulated in this limited warranty may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary, from state to state.

Should an issue arise or persist with a Candelis product please follow the steps listed below to allow a Candelis Technician to ascertain the exact cause of the issue and in turn implement the proper fix. The standard warranty, which applies to all Candelis products is a policy designed to warrant a product against defect under normal operating conditions, described above. Should a consumer experience a difficulty with a product, and the following steps have been taken, Candelis will either repair or replace the defective component or the entire product. This process requires that the consumer ship, at their expense, the product in question to Candelis, with a valid RMA number. Candelis will then conduct our warranty procedures and ship the repaired or replaced product back to either the reseller involved or directly to the consumer in the same manner of shipping we received the product. If the product is a rack mounted device or one of Candelis' larger systems, shipping may be delayed due to shipping logistics. This policy will hold true for any product as long as it falls within the stipulated warranty period stated in the accompanying literature with each product located with the warranty registration card.

Candelis has established a formal procedure to handle all warranty issues, which is handled through our Technical Support department. Should you have difficulty installing or operating any Candelis, Inc. device please follow a few simple steps prior to placing a call into our
Tech Support department:

  • Please review the "Read Me First" document or "Quick Start Guide," a simple document stating steps and procedures for installing and maintaining each product.
  • Read the Manual     
  • Make sure the product is configured and installed properly

Out of Standard Warranty Policy

If a consumer experiences an issue with a Candelis product outside of the stated warranty period the following option will apply:

If a product is outside the normal warranty period, the consumer wants to place the product on a maintenance contract; they will have the option to pay for a product qualification fee to determine the status of the product. The fee entails an on-site technician to be dispatched to evaluate the product. If the product passes the inspection it will then be qualified to be placed under maintenance contract. If the product requires repairs the customer will be given an estimate of cost. If Candelis determines the product can be repaired and the consumer agrees to the stated cost of repair, Candelis will conduct the repairs and charge the consumer the agreed upon amount. Should Candelis report that there is no means of repairing the product, or the consumer decides not to have any repairs done to the product for the stated price, the consumer will still be liable for the assessment fee.

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