Mercury VNA™

An Uncompromised VNA For Everyone

Any facility – be it a small imaging center, a community health center or a large hospital, can consolidate all patient imaging content from all departments into one repository, fully integrate with existing EMRs or EHRs, and eliminate dependencies on outdated PACS architecture.

Mercury VNA Outline Diagram 20151005

Mercury Neutrality Attributes

A Candelis VNA provides:

    • A high-performance real time system, a scalable deep archive – or both

    • The ability to manage and provide visualization services for studies from virtually any vendor modality

    • Visualization, reporting and workflow services via Candelis products

    • A longstanding and demonstrable commitment to openness and integration – enabling facilities to select and employ products of their choosing for visualization, reporting and workflow services

    • Rich services to referring physicians and site constituents through ASTRA – Candelis’ state-of-the art cloud solutions portfolio

    • Local storage options or exploitation of existing storage pools within the enterprise

Three Flexible Solutions

Modernize your digital image infrastructure with our three flexible Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA) solutions. We offer attractive and innovative pricing models to meet the needs of small, medium, and large medical facilities.

Mercury VNA Lite

Save aged studies into a safe repository

Mercury VNA Gateway

Carve out a section from your current main data center (EMC, NetApp, or other-vendor NAS) to create a storage solution

Mercury VNA Enterprise

Consolidate multiple sites and dozens of image sources in separate silos into one main repository

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