ASTRA Mercury

ASTRA Mercury provides you with a number of ways to extend your storage:
  • You can dynamically mount storage from existing enterprise storage pools via NFS
  • You can extend your available storage capacity into a secure hosting facility and exploit either private or multi-tenant storage within that facility
  • You can extend your available storage capacity into ASTRA - Candelis' secure cloud services infrastructure

In all of these cases, you can choose how that additional storage is employed.  For instance, you can push studies from your primary PACS into the system and ask ASTRA Mercury to replicate to a private, hosted storage pool or to archive to ASTRA.  Should a request be made for an object that has been archived, ASTRA Mercury will automatically retrieve it and fulfill that request.

At the heart of ASTRA Mercury lies an extremely fast data pump.  One strategy employed by many datacenters with Candelis products is to offload the heaviest workloads to products like ASTRA Mercury, thereby relieving their primary PACS of the burden of processing and managing those objects.  In so doing, Quality-of-Service is improved across the enterprise - both for the offloaded workload(s) and for day-to-day processing performed by the primary PACS.

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