Diagnostic Imaging in Clinics

With the proliferation of medical imaging to private practices and clinics, image archiving and managements has emerged as a key issue.  Many clinics have implemented Ultrasound and CR and acquired studies are either read on-site or immediately routed to off-site radiologists for diagnostic reading.  Ultrasounds are now commonly found in cardiology offices, 
Obstetrics Gynecology practices and Urology practices. 

Candelis' iMed-Stor is ideal and most cost-effective DICOM Archive solution for clinics and private offices. The iMed-Stor's tower form factor gives these space-constrained facilities much needed flexibility in deploying the system.  The iMed-Stor can support up to four (4) Remote AE Titles and receive studies directly from the modalities.

Candelis' thin-client Radiology Viewer enable physicians to have feature-rich diagnostic viewing access from anywhere within the clinic or even from outside the clinic.

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