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ImageGrid™ Image Management Appliance: Improving Profitability

With the full impact of falling reimbursements putting the survival of many Diagnostic Imaging Centers (DIC) at risk, a cost-effective, reliable, scalable and fully integrated Image Management & Workflow Optimization solution is now an absolute necessity in order to streamline operations and reduce operating expenses. ImageGrid™ is the solution that has been delivering on the requirements of single location or multi-location DICs at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

At many DICs, first or even second generation PACS solutions have been far more challenging and costly than originally anticipated. Perhaps most disconcerting is the typical extended service contract which can cost in excess of $50,000 annually. Added to that is the persistent PACS down-time and performance problems resulting from multiple data intensive modalities such as multi-slice CT, MRI, Digital Mammography which divert attention from patient care. Furthermore, a RIS solution from a different vendor can create costly interoperability challenges at even IT-savvy facilities.

Replace an existing RIS/PACS - and do so at a cost that is less than its annual Service Contract Cost

Ideally, an Image Management and Workflow Optimization solution must have an immediate positive impact on a Diagnostic Imaging Center’s bottom line. ImageGrid is the only proven solution which cost-effectively provides the radiologists and the staff the necessary features and functionalities so that they can perform their duties with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

ImageGrid™ Image Management & Workflow Optimization solution by Candelis is the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution in use at over 1,100 facilities. Click on the testimonials and case studies on this page to see how ImageGrid can save a single location or multi-location DIC hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront and ongoing costs.

ImageGrid™ improves a DIC’s competitiveness:


    • ImageGrid™ is a fully functional, fully integrated Image Management and Workflow Optimization solution with optional visualization capabilities for Mammography, Radiology and referring physicians on one system at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.


    • A web-enabled solution means that radiologists can have immediate access to any study from anywhere.


    • With over twenty years of experience as a provider of solutions into mission critical applications, Candelis delivers uncompromised 24/7 customer and technical support with on-site service capability anywhere in the U.S. and in over 100 countries.


    • Scalable and cost-effective RAID archiving from 1 terabyte (TB) to hundreds of terabytes. The solution delivers superior reliability and high availability through redundant key components plus software-based remote monitoring.


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