Secure. Reliable. Candelis™ ASTRA™ Provokes a Paradigm Shift with Revolutionary Cloud-hosted Medical Image/Study and Report Sharing Services.


A medical informatics company based in Newport Beach, California, Candelis™ develops innovative, cost-effective solutions for the healthcare IT industry specifically focused on image visualization, workflow, archival and reporting. Candelis provides these solutions in the areas of Mammography, Radiation Therapy/Oncology and General Radiology to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.


Candelis’ technical leadership has been validated through a number of successful OEM partnerships with top-tier healthcare vendors. The company's latest product offering, ASTRA, has quickly become recognized as a transformational solution. ASTRA leverages the evolution of cloud-based computing and storage to enable the secure, rapid and reliable transfer and sharing of studies, images and reports amongst healthcare facilities.


Candelis’ strategic vision is to provide leading edge technologies and solutions at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. This operating philosophy has resulted in an accelerated adoption of Candelis products, which has made the company one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare IT sector. For more information, please call (800) 800-8600 or e-mail us at



Candelis, Inc. Announces Availability of New Software for its Flagship Product, ImageGrid

New software intended to streamline and optimize over 2,000 existing installations within hospitals and imaging centers.

Newport Beach, CA (May 18, 2015) – Candelis, Inc., a healthcare IT company that specializes in developing premier, highly-integrated radiology and workflow solutions including PACS, RIS, Viewers, and Backup/Archive systems, announces availability of the latest version of its ImageGrid OS. 

Candelis' ImageGrid RIS Achieves Complete EHR 2014 Edition Meaningful Use (MU) Certification

Cloud-enabled solution provides comprehensive workflow support to maximize practice efficiencies

Newport Beach, CA – July 24, 2014. Candelis announced that it has achieved Complete EHR certification with the ONC 2014 Edition for its ImageGrid RIS, version 2.2. The company had previously certified the ImageGrid RIS as a Complete EHR pursuant to the 2011 Edition. In both cases, the certification was performed by Drummond group.

The 2011 Edition enabled Eligible Physicians (EPs) to attest to Stage 1, 2011 Edition criteria. The 2014 Edition certification provides either for Stage 1 (2014 Edition) attestation or Stage 2 (2014 Edition) attestation.

“Candelis views the Meaningful Use program as a means by which we can further extend our industry-leading technologies to deliver measurable improvements in efficiency and patient care to the radiological community” said Steven Higgins, Candelis’ CTO and VP Engineering.

Candelis Announces Breakthrough Innovations in its ASTRA Cloud Services

Brower-based universal visualization tool $499 per TB seamless archive

Newport Beach, CA – November 21, 2012. Candelis today announced two breakthrough innovations in its ASTRATM cloud services offerings.

First, it has extended the capabilities of its browser-only thin client, ASTRA LiteTM, to provide for visualization of diagnostic-caliber images solving a problem that has been dogging the industry since the introduction of digital imaging. Imaging facilities can now publish complete studies, as well as reports and key images – securely, automatically, without allowing access to their internal network, without VPNs and with zero administration of user accounts. Referring physicians and specialists can now easily access full resolution studies, reports and key images anytime and from anywhere and on any device - using only a browser. No plug-ins. No installation. No hassles.

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